I m not talking about the small little book in which people write to us little words to remember them by.

I m talking about what that small notebook represents in our life .

For example the people we get to know and sometimes befriend with. Whether u still know this person or life pushed you two in separate ways, the autograph in both cases holds a very big meaning.
If you still know him/her you get to charish this relationship more and more and you get to remember how this relationship looked like those old days.
And if you are not in touch with that person nowdays what he wrote to you become the person himself.His words are everything about him to you and the only things you will ever remember about him.

Another important aspect is the special events and dates you document by the autograph so many years later in a very busy world you can rejuice these big events and how much they have influenced your whole life.

I know this topic may be of no value and all about things we all recognize as common sense but i just wanted to talk about this specially after browsing my autograph(s) from different phases of my life and realizing how influencial these words have been and will ever be on my life.

At the end a small advice to anyone using an autograph .... In the opposite page that your friend writes his words for you, write few words to describe your impression about this person and or the special event he s writing about.
After many years your words will mean a lot to you. Believe me.


  1. I liked the last note about writing my impression about someone in the opposite page in the autograph

  2. after many years this written impression will have a great value for you

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