You are awesome !

After three years-long career in promotion you start to consider having a campaign for your life, you try to put SMART objective and set a target on both short and long terms and so your gonna need a slogan for this campaign and I guess "keep calm and be awesome" is the best one for the job.

Let us break the slogan into two parts :
1- Keep calm
We need to be calm, facing the continuous permanent stress of life with all its contents ( career, social life , relationships, etc..) you have to be calm and it's not an easy job at all specially to keep calm otherwise life is gonna consume you in it.
The stress will destroy you, eat you up inside out . And consequently you are gonna lose everything starting with the most important of them all , yourself.

2- Be awesome 
You have to keep trying to be awesome. To be a good human being on all levels . Be kind , be passionate , be a good muslim , be everything that helps you to be awesome and the all-covering and most essential one of them be happy.

Do all your best to be happy and stay happy which is even more difficult to achieve than being and keeping calm. Most of your life episodes and events gonna try to push you into sadness and you gotta fight.
Also you have to charich whatever small things life is gonna throw in your way that makes you happy , embrace them and invest in them as hard as you can and you are gonna have amazing ROI.

Another trick to be awesome, you have to believe that you are awesome and you are trying to be awesomer ( no such word but it sounds nice). I'm awesome and you are awesome and we are all awesome. We do a lot of bad staff and a huge deal of sins -unfortunately- but at the end of the day you are a good man inside . Believe that and take it as a starting point and even if you are not fully like this you are gonna be one day. The key to it is to believe ,believe in yourself and in your own awesomeness. 

At the end just simply .... "Keep calm and be awesome"

Specially dedicated to the most awesome human being I've ever met.

Hossam Elseidy  


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