Oh friends, my friends !

It's been ten years now since the greatest TV show of all time has stopped broadcasting, and even twenty years since it started 1994. 
For a long time I've been thinking about writing down my thoughts about friends as one of the biggest influencers on me and my mind until I found that's not only me who feels like this and read an article about the friends effect.

I really can go on and on about how friends affected me so, here I'll try to document some of the impacts and influences friends had on me, let us see.....

1- Friends was a big change in my intellectual way of thinking . Since the first time I laughed my brains out watching friends at age 13 and everyone around me wonders strongly what on earth is so funny about what these actors are saying, I figured out maybe I think differently from others and I'm totally eligible to have my own unique taste, thoughts and believe. It actually caused me kinda problem wherever I watch it anyone around me preferred to change the channel to something they could really laugh of.

2- Friends encouraged me to get better in English, I could even say it was the main source for me for learning vocab and expressions. Also watching friends is behind my great love for all American movies and TV shows.

3- On the social level, I always admired their relations. Every relationship between the six friends is amazing and really is something you should look forward to in your life. The way Monica opens her heart to Rachel is really something any friends should have whatever the gender . The way chandler and Joey always trust each other, forgive each other and back each other in every situation is really amazing.
Also on the social level I learned from friends that you can have a female friend and it could be very relieving in many ways but also there is nothing on earth as platonic friendship between men and women as every and each one of them flirted with one another at least one time. It's just the way we are created .

4- On the romantic level, no body on earth watched friends episode by episode and didn't wish for Ross and Rachel to finally get together which they did only the very last two episodes. Even though they were on and off like crazy but still you gotta love "Ross and Rachel". It's even became a category of hesitating on/off relationships "Ross n Rachel kinda relation". And for some one who has suffered and enjoyed this kinda relation for years , when I look back at them I really can blame them for all the false hope they planted in me for such unstable relations.
Monica and chandler is kind of "kind love" romance, they love each other, passionate about each other, embracing their flaws and always optimistic about their future. And this is actually the marriage base every couple should have.

To be continued ...>>>


  1. Really liked it. ..but it makes me wonder have you dreamt the friends dream yet ?😁

  2. And what would that be bro??????


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