The Guardian

"There is a legend of a man who lives beneath the sea. He is a fisher of men, a last hope for all those who've been left behind. He is know as the Guardian."

This is the last line in that really great movie "THE GUARDIAN"

I really enjoyed watching such movie on TV.

It gave me a lot of thoughts ,lot of emotions and lot of tears as well.

The movie is about…u acnt say what exactly the movie about . its just another \Kevin Costner breathtaking emotionally reach great movie.

Its considered a little bet new as its produced 2006 . but it just proves to mee that Kevin Costner is the best actor ever with the best roles and the most incredible movies I ve everseen.

I couldn’t tell u the story of the movie for those who gonna enjoy over two hours of touching emotions and great scenes

But I can tell u this. Any one likes Kevin Costner will like him very much more and even if u don’t like him. And any one who has ever watched Ashton Kutcher acting before will get a brand new concept about him as a really good actor ,really he did magnificent performance in this movie.

Finally I ll leave u with this Quote to think about:

" What makes a legend? Is it what someone did while they were alive? Or how they're remembered after they're gone?"


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