whats the huck

no really...
whats the hell?
why to bother urself with any body when u r gonna travel????????????
and "الرفيق قبل الطريق" and all this non sense????????
why not to travel all alone by ur self ?
its lovely to travel with only urself .. he is the best companion on the road u ll ever have
u can talk to him whenever u want..he cant tell u im to tired to talk now
he will never disagree with ur sudden destination what so ever...
u ll never think about his place in the "microbus"
Beleive me today was my second day to travel all by myself and it was lovely really.
After interaction exam (god damn it) i just decided to travel to cairo.. i talk myself and talk the train to cairo... as simple as that
no planning
no checking Ur friends schedule
no nothing
just the money and the ticket
i wandered around "west elbalad" having dinner ... ice cream ... and went to the movies
i really enjoyed it so much

Today i went to the book fair i spent 4 hours there ... bought all the books i wanted and get back
it was marvelous believe me
i walked around many halls .. bought over 30 books and get back
whats so bad about this?!
actually its lovely to be alone ...consult only urself and enjoy only urself.

My sincere advice for all of u guys ...try to travel by urself every once and while ...its good for ur soul.


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