Actually, its all about lying the most vital element in destroying any relationship is lying . And the only unhealed effect comes from lying.

The amazing thing about lying is that it has so many different types, faces and excuses which u get convinced about them all upon do lying or if u r such an idiot u ll even not realise that this is lying.

The worst kind of lying i believe is lying to urself not about it. If u lied about urself no body gets hurt and u r considered just a big mouth full of shit.But when u lie to urself and convince urself about that lie so it becomes an unseparable part of this self, here s the big problem.

Lying to urself could take a lot of faces or types and the most important part the subconcious excuses.

U lie to urself when u say  "Nobody matters" and then give a lot of attention to what they say about u , and vice versa u lie to urself when u say "People really matters very much" but dont give a damn about wt they actually think of u.

U lie to urself when u say "I know this relationship gonna work" when u deep down know as every othr god damn body know this is pull shit. U lie to urself when u say "Its my mistake" when u r 100% convinced thats not ur fault on any level. U lie to urself when u say "life is a bitch" when u let her manipulate ur mind.

The most complicated part is the subconcious excuses we make to ourselves to accept these god damn lies when they r crystal clear  before us. Some times its building urself esteem. Sometimes its the good feeling about being good . And sometimes u just lie for the sake of the lie and nothing else.

I hope one day i can stop lying to myself and to the others about every single thing in my life.


  1. I hope that too
    gameel elmwdo3 da ..

  2. good topic and really i hope u will be able to do so for ur own good and pray for all of us to do so also :D

  3. أمنية
    حقيقي البلوج منور
    و بجد عاوز اسمع رايك في باقي الموضوعات

  4. I hope too Eslam
    and believe me I do pray for all of us to do so
    i really do


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