Thank you

Have u ever met any body that pure?! I dont think so as such people r so rare to find.But If u did, u r very very lucky I m sure.

 Have u ever seen such a transparent soul that u can see life through that soul? , not any lif but a really good one , a good life in such a special way of being may seem not that cheerful but u feel thats its still good.

The thing is as any immortal person i realised that i dont know when i m onna we must say anything we wanna say and appreciate the good things and persons in our life beore itstoo late.

So I begin here with somebody that i m really thankful for allah to know .
Someone that whom just knowin  gave a special meaning and taste to the college days over the last 3 years.Someone who really gave me a new meaning of so many values that i once thought they never exist any more.

Gave me a new meaning of Friendship, really friendship, A friend who u know u can relay on anytime.A friend who face u with the the whole truth no matter of what any time u r seeking it.the truth about u about life and about any question u have.

Gave me a new meaning of Respect.someone so respectful that u be afraid of any word or do that could come accidently from u and not be a good and balanced one.More respectful than so many people in respectful positions and much older.

This person represents - for me -  a special meaning of being educated(cultured) with a special kind of thoughts and phylosophies of life.I really learnt so much from these thoughts. I learnt about life , relationships and myself too.

I really dont find any words that could possibly represent a little part of what that person really desrves.
I just wanna say that i m so grateful and hounored to be a friend of yours.and Im so lucky that i ve ever met someone like u .

I just wanna say:



  1. really u are so lucky to met a person like that
    I hope to find some person like him


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