Do you know about tears ?
the most pure thing in the world
nowdays , i experience a very new kind of tears

Usually , it was for sadness
or being touched by some situation
now theres a brand new tears i have
THe tears of LOVE

It s a very sweet tears
that i almost get addicted to it
and for the poor ones didnt get to know it
i ll describe it for u......

They r small pure drops of tears
unexpectedly , u find in ur eyes when u talk to the one u love
think of him
or see him

Tears , u feel that ur heart cried them
not ur eyes
cried them of joy
u feel that his shaking..
got his essence out of him

Tears when they fall on ur cheeks
u fell warm
and above all
safe and thrilled

Tears when they touch ur face
its like the drops of dew
at the early dawn
when they wash the face of earth
in a sweet tenderness

Tears when u see in the eyes of the one u love
every little thing of u compete
to have the hounor of clearing them away

when they fall on his face
ur lips scream for kissing them away
and ur finger tips fly to wipe them out
but in the same time
ur heart is happy to see them

I pray for all my friends to have such tears someday


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