U r my only hope

two days ago i watched a walk to remember
one of my very best movies ever
and so its main song "only hope"
in some way it inspired me to write this words
i hope u enjoy it

TO My Inspirer

U r my only hope
the only hope in my life
my past, present ,
and my future
I prayed to be only urs
all i pray for every day and night
is to be only urs

i want ur symphony
i want to take u inside me
and cry at ur shoulder
cry of love...
im giving u my destiny
my future
my love
i ll our chidren to love u
church u
and never leave u
to kiss ur hands everyday and night
to learn from ur kindness
and compassion
that take me from my mind
to your side

Every time i talk to u
think of u
u r beside me taking me with u
to another fairy world
where i m flying around ur heart
protecting him
and loving him
and feed him with my passion
and water him with my tears

My heart is crying of need for u
i couldnt stop myself from loving u
from saying i love u
every moment

With every breath i take
u enter inside me
and never get out

my heart,
my mind
screams ur name
i ll never let u out
i ll hold u inside me with all my powers
and the day Allah will combine us together on his word
i ll hold u in my arms
till they cant hold any more
and whisper
i love u
in a very quit voice
and my warm breat plays with ur hair
love u for eternity

oh my god
when this day is gonna come
and i can hold u in my arms forever
next to my heart
so he can get to u as he dreams every day and night


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