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I hav a dream

Facing your dream;it's the most scaring yet amusing thing or feeling you could ever experience specially when its your first big dreams that became so near to coming true. Usually i dream and dream and dream,of course hoping through the process of dreaming that my dreams actually do come true, but when it really start to do  so it freiks me out of my mind. I had a dream about love and that one unfortunately shattered to peices and i dont really know if its gonna come true ever or not. I had a dream about family and that one also in the trash right now. The thing about the title of this blog that as famous as Martin Luther King's speech was, but so the fact that his dream really didnt come true when he is alive which sometimes get me so depressed about dreaming. I m twenty two now and along the way i had so many dreams some big some tiny, some did come true,some didnt and some were lost along the way but i think this is it. This is what i once dreamed about for my future and