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Relove and other stuff

Relove, honest resurruction of real emotion , or just being a little fool. Thats the question.... The question is "is it right to put every damn little obisticle between u and ur true love to be behind ur bach and rush back to him/her and embrace the opportunity to be back? or should u pay a little respect to urself and say wts the hell, I can do better... way better han that. The question here involve many many small ones such as: Is there a pride in love? Is she/he the right one for u? What r these obsticles? what went wrong in the last time that u can make right? Can u reaaly make it right? What r the consequences for each choice of thses two? last but not least Is it really true love or a bid damn pile of shit u fill ur heart with just in the sake of not let it empty? Of course everyone of us has some answers for the big question and the small ones involved. For me , the truth i tell u and  so help me god : Be a man for crying out loud , u r nt a doll to take and leave i

The color purple

Its one of the deepest movies i ve ever seen. slavery environment. post slavery kind of life. feminism. men freiken control over women. little experience of homosexuality as an exit from miserable heterosexual life. self awareness and self apreciating after losing it. really i advice anyone of my dear readers to search download it and enjoy a great motion oicture of miserable humanity

Dont be a sessy!

Its all about making choices in life , one choice to be honest and one choice to cheat, one choice to like and one choice to dislike and one choice determines wt u r gonna be for te rest of life. one choice to be logic and one choice to go fukin nuts , to be a respectable man or to be a pthetic bastard. So in life sometimes u give this choices a good prechoice thinking , in others u just let it flow on ur head , either ways u r  demanded to deal with the consequence of the choice for may be the next half an hour or the next years to come in ur pthetic targetless life. The tricky part is yet to come ,its not the consequence itsur feeling of self acheivement or self meaningless that hits u from nowhere and knock u down to earth. It's the time after dealing with the consequences that really matters  so in the end , just dont be a freiken little sessy and make the choice u feel the right one and then let it give u its best hit , damn me.