Collateral beauty

"Merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream!"
The lovely thing for me in this movie beside the fairy tale and amazing plot twist was the way of conveying message. Starring the trifecta of life: death, love and time, you find your self immersed with emotions and thoughts about each and every one of the three. So lets got through each one individually and round all up at the end.

What are you when you lose a loved one? How can life even go on? The movie title and message suggest you find the "collateral beauty" in everything even death which i believe to be too perfect to be true.but at least it also encourage you to accept death as a main part of life. for me i learnt to accept death 12 years ago after my mother passing away along with other painful lessons.
Collateral beauty assures you life will hit freeze until you accept it. Until you embrace the fact that your most loved one like Olivia has passed away or more difficult in Simon's case accept…

A good movie !

Being a movie enthusiast my whole adult life I always asked myself some questions, What makes a movie a good one? What aspect or factor in a movie makes you enjoy it the most? what to look for in a movie while seeking to spend around two hours of your life watching one?
Some people say it is the movie makes you laugh the most. The funnier the movie the better. Considering -naturally- individual tastes in humor, Me for example I can't stand neither Ben Stiller's humor nor weird modern millennial comedies.  Other people think it's the one with most bloody scenes. slash horror movies are just cinematic heaven for them. which I consider sick and psychopathic for that matter. Of course there are chick flicks that women seems to cherish for god knows why, either it was a romantic movie or feminist women empowering bla bla bla kind of one. AS we all know everyone entitled to have their own best movies and why they chose them.
Back to me, I guess after exploring almost all genres…

فرحة !

هل هناك ارتباط شرطي بين النضوج و صعوبة الفرحة؟ أم سقطت القدرة علي الفرح وسط الطريق و لم ألتفت لألتقطها بل أكملت؟!
لا أذكر فرحة حقيقية في أي جزء من الماضي القريب، فرحة تلك التي تملأ وجدانك و تهز داخلك لأكثر من يوم، فرحة تنام غارقا فيها لتستيقظ علي بهجتها تبارك يومك الجديد، تلك الفرحة لا اذكر علي وجه الدقة متى اختبرتها آخر مرة، تبدو كذكرى بعيدة منذ سنين!
اذكر صغيرا أن شعورالفرحة ذاته كان متعة خالصة، اذكر فرحة أول قيادة للدراجة، تلك كانت فرحة غامرة، اذكر فرحة نتيجة التنسيق و اقترابي خطوة علي طريق حلمي -لحماقتي- أن اصبح صيدلي، قد تعتبر هذه احداث عظام تستحق فرحة قد لا تتكرر بسهولة، أوافقك، و لكن ماذا عن فرحة أول مرة ارتديت خوذة أمان؟! خوذة عادية جدا تلك التي يفرضها قانون المرور علي راكبي الدراجات النارية في مصر، ارتديتها لأول مرة و هي اكبر من رأسي مرتين و انطلقت بها سعيدا، ماذا عن فرحة طعام لذيذ؟! كانت وجبه لذيذة الطعم كفيلة بإدخال السرور الي قلبي ليوم او اكثر، هل لازلت تراها أحداثا جسام ؟!
 "التعرف بالضيف"، اعتدت فرحة التعرف علي الأشخاص الجديدة، اعتدت أن أسعى لتكوين صداقات جديدة كل…

It's not that bad !

"I'm growing old", "I'm getting older", "I'm not young anymore" or any other phrase that describe counting more years in your life. I've always thought that this is a bad thing, terrible fact of life and a very depressing feeling that you lost one more year which will not come back again.
The thing is, Nobody is gonna stay 21 forever for example. That never happened and never will. On the contrary you get to be 21 then 22 then 23 and so on. Till the end of your days. We are designed that way and programmed to live like that. Our life is just simply devided to parts or eras each part/era is very unique and different.
When you are 21, you should do stuff the 21 people do. Have no responsibility whatsoever(if possible). Travel around the world. Try new stuff. Full in love. And search for the career of your life. That what I think you are supposed to do from 21 to 25 or something.
Once you are 26 that's a new era with new challenges, new incid…

Oh friends, my friends !

It's been ten years now since the greatest TV show of all time has stopped broadcasting, and even twenty years since it started 1994.  For a long time I've been thinking about writing down my thoughts about friends as one of the biggest influencers on me and my mind until I found that's not only me who feels like this and read an article about the friends effect.
I really can go on and on about how friends affected me so, here I'll try to document some of the impacts and influences friends had on me, let us see.....
1- Friends was a big change in my intellectual way of thinking . Since the first time I laughed my brains out watching friends at age 13 and everyone around me wonders strongly what on earth is so funny about what these actors are saying, I figured out maybe I think differently from others and I'm totally eligible to have my own unique taste, thoughts and believe. It actually caused me kinda problem wherever I watch it anyone around me preferred to change …

You are awesome !

After three years-long career in promotion you start to consider having a campaign for your life, you try to put SMART objective and set a target on both short and long terms and so your gonna need a slogan for this campaign and I guess "keep calm and be awesome" is the best one for the job.
Let us break the slogan into two parts : 1- Keep calm We need to be calm, facing the continuous permanent stress of life with all its contents ( career, social life , relationships, etc..) you have to be calm and it's not an easy job at all specially to keep calm otherwise life is gonna consume you in it. The stress will destroy you, eat you up inside out . And consequently you are gonna lose everything starting with the most important of them all , yourself.
2- Be awesome  You have to keep trying to be awesome. To be a good human being on all levels . Be kind , be passionate , be a good muslim , be everything that helps you to be awesome and the all-covering and most essential one of them…

غربة ( الجزء الثالث )

كما اتفقنا من قبل ان للغربة تأثيرات مدمرة على أعصاب و نفسيات البشر ، و إحساسهم بالآخرين و طريقة تواصلهم معهم، الا ان سؤال طرحه عليّ شخص لم أكن قابلته الا حينها جعلني ابحث اكثر عمقا داخلي في تلك التأثيرات . قال لي زميل مغترب "هل تعتقد أن الغربة تجعلنا أسوأ؟؟؟" سؤال لم أستطع الرد عليه تفصيلا حينها ،ذلك أنه سؤال اكثر عمقاً و بحثا عما قد يبدو عليه، سؤال يجب فصله اولاً لعدة أسئلة ثم الإجابة على كل منها منفردا . 
السؤال الاول : ما تعريفك للغربة؟ تعريفي الشخصي هو ان تجد نفسك مضطرا للوجود بعيدا عن بلدك و اهلك و العديد من أصدقاءك و معارفك و ذلك لأهداف مادية او اجتماعية و قد تكون أهداف اخرى للبعض و لكنها في المعظم أهداف مادية .
السؤال الثاني : هل تؤمن ان للغربة أثر او تأثير على أصحابها؟ بلا شك أن للغربة كما ذكرنا آنفا لها العديد من التأثيرات على عدة مستويات .
السؤال الثالث :هل يختلف الأثر تبعا للمدة الزمنية للغربة؟ اعتقد ان تأثير الغربة يختلف في شكله و عمقه وترسخه بداخلك تبعا لمدة الغربة الزمنية.
السؤال الرابع : هل هذا التأثير سلبي ام إيجابي ؟ شخصياً اعتقد ان لها الاثنين معا، كما يقولون ان الجي…