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It's not that bad !

"I'm growing old", "I'm getting older", "I'm not young anymore" or any other phrase that describe counting more years in your life. I've always thought that this is a bad thing, terrible fact of life and a very depressing feeling that you lost one more year which will not come back again. The thing is, Nobody is gonna stay 21 forever for example. That never happened and never will. On the contrary you get to be 21 then 22 then 23 and so on. Till the end of your days. We are designed that way and programmed to live like that.  Our life is just simply devided to parts or eras each part/era is very unique and different. When you are 21, you should do stuff the 21 people do. Have no responsibility whatsoever(if possible). Travel around the world. Try new stuff. Full in love. And search for the career of your life. That what I think you are supposed to do from 21 to 25 or something. Once you are 26 that's a new era with new challenges, new i