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Oh friends, my friends !

It's been ten years now since the greatest TV show of all time has stopped broadcasting, and even twenty years since it started 1994.  For a long time I've been thinking about writing down my thoughts about friends as one of the biggest influencers on me and my mind until I found that's not only me who feels like this and read an article about the friends effect. I really can go on and on about how friends affected me so, here I'll try to document some of the impacts and influences friends had on me, let us see..... 1- Friends was a big change in my intellectual way of thinking . Since the first time I laughed my brains out watching friends at age 13 and everyone around me wonders strongly what on earth is so funny about what these actors are saying, I figured out maybe I think differently from others and I'm totally eligible to have my own unique taste, thoughts and believe. It actually caused me kinda problem wherever I watch it anyone around