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Collateral beauty

"Merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream!" The lovely thing for me in this movie beside the fairy tale and amazing plot twist was the way of conveying message. Starring the trifecta of life: death, love and time, you find your self immersed with emotions and thoughts about each and every one of the three. So lets got through each one individually and round all up at the end. Death What are you when you lose a loved one? How can life even go on? The movie title and message suggest you find the "collateral beauty" in everything even death which i believe to be too perfect to be true.but at least it also encourage you to accept death as a main part of life. for me i learnt to accept death 12 years ago after my mother passing away along with other painful lessons. Collateral beauty assures you life will hit freeze until you accept it. Until you embrace the fact that your most loved one like Olivia has passed away or more difficult in Simon's cas