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انت چدچمنتال خالص

To judge or not to judge, that is the question! Is it built in through our system to be judgemental?! For me I believe it is. I believe it's part of our nature to weigh every thing and everybody we meet in our path through life against some kind of reference we develop through our experiences. I believe it's non-nvoluntary action comes within our subconscious without any intervention from our side.  But the question here is, what are the motivations that push something like this weighing method with no part from our conscious mind. Sadly the only answer I get is we judge to feel better about our sad selves. The subconscious part go through this method to prove to itself that x is worse than us in Y. That he is stupider than we are. Or she is sluttier than we believe to be. So the judgment comes from low confidence part in our conscious/subconscious that need repeated affirmation that we are actually good people. We are more devoted believer than others or we have better more st