هو انتي من باقي البشر

I don't know why
When you are with your freinds
Ifeel that just a quarter of your mind with them
and the rest is not there
..I Feel you.. confused lost...[left]No, not lost but .. missing[/left]
yeah that's the wordmissing..
I feel you missing from them
of course there is all this girls stuff.. ...laughing
I think that your mind is thinking about your home planetI beleive it's another one but our earth
but I'm sure about one thing
..It's far better than earth
..with kinder people
....much more carig
and more pure than any one on ours
..People are so polite
..with huge compassion
and have much more faith
....than we do
People feel safe with each other
..no fears
but fear of losing the others
..And I'm sure of another thing else
,..If there are angels walking on our earth
They will take you their leader for sure
The only thing represent you in my mind on our earth
..Is the petals of flowers
...At the early morning
..with small pure drops of water
!when the sun begins to rise on them


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