or the king
as we call munir in egypt
one of the greatest unforgetable american singers ever
till now has so many fans of which i am one
i really likes his music and his songs words
one of my best is "did it my way"
every time i listen to this song i love it more and more
it so deep and has so many meanings through its words
so i loved to share these words with you my dear friends and there is one question i d like you to answer after reading
here is the lyrics

"And now .... The end is near ..... So i face the final curtain
My friend , ill say it clear , i ll state my case of which i m certain
i ve lived ,life thats full , i travelled each and every highway
oh and more much more than this
i did it my way

Regrets , Ive had a few
but then again too few to mention
I did .... What i had to do , and saw it through without exception
i planned each charted corse .... Each careful step along the byway
oh and more
much more than this i did it my way

yes there was times i m sure you know
when i bit off more than i could chew
but through it all when there was doubt
i ate it up and spit it out
i faced it all and i stood tall
and did it my way

i ve loved .... I ve laughed and cried .... I ve had my fails .....my share of losing
and now as tears subside
i find it all so amusing ....to think i did all that
and may i say not in a shy way
oh on ,no not me
I did it my way

for what is a man ,what he has got
if not himself ,then he has not
to say the words he truely feels and not the words he d reveal
the records shows i took the blows and did it my way"

and the question is are we proud of our ways
will we be able to say not in a shy way like him whether he was right or wrong
"I did it my way"

answer to yourself


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