Alhumdullah I m not clinically diagnosed with bipolar depression, but still i m swinging between very bad melancolic mode and hyperactive thrilled mode. Exactly why I dont really know.

One hour I m laughing out load with my friends and having huge deal of fun, and exactly the next hour I m sitting by myself even among my friends internally pittying my poor self and silently blaming myself for everything i lost along the way either lost money because i resigned so soon or the lost love because i couldnt think every aspect in this love throughly.

Which mode of them is really ruling my mind i cant say ....!

What to do or how to keep one of them i also cant say ....!

All I can say that I m losing my apetite for socializing with other day by day. And still craving socializing every now and then.

If anyone can answer or explain any part of this mess , kindly advise .......


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