Sometimes on ur way to salvation u have to hurt someone, not on purpose but to get urself free sometimes it takes more than ur freedom itself , sometimes it take som difficult painful procedures to break ur ties, painful to u and the others.

That procedures of couse hurt u before anyone but u have to make them no matter of waht, its ur life and if u wanna keep whatever remaining of it u must break those ties on any price.

The good thing or the blessing from Allah in this staff that his almighty gifted us the ability to "FORGET" in case u cant forgive.of course u cant forget just like that , u r not running on a windows system for gods sake , u cant just "shift+delete" someone from ur life , now this blessing is time -long time- dependent.

However u r kind or weak or been in love or respect the others , there is a point u get when u say "what the hell im in now"
"i ve been hurt enough and far more than enough and all this hell im in gotta get to an end, this nightmare i gotta wake up form"

Then u will be willing to do whatever it takes to get the hell out of ur life, of course its freikng impossible to get out of ur life without making suicide -which is very bad on many levels- so u press "pause" to ur life, get out for a picnic in the world of nothing then u press play again.

The hard thing about playing again is what i said in the beginning "the procedures", the procedure of playing ur life on ur conditions and take anybody who has destroyed u, hurt u or damaged ur previous one out , so that u can play ur life freely with nothing to disturb it anymore.

And all i m about to do right now is applying this procedures praying that Allah may help me, support me and forgive me.

"اللهم أعني و ارحمني واغفر لي و تب على إنك أنت أرحم الراحمين"


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