Alone on the beach

Last Thursday, i felt so depressed suddenly. I don't know why, but it just hit me like this .I was in Tanta getting my card from the owner of my ex-apartment ,all by myself as i m used to now-I think I got addicted to my loneliness-that's when it hit me .so i just decided that what i need is to see and visit some new place.

I took the train to Alex. All the way there i kept asking myself about the point of this, why am i doing this?! Would it help?! and it's my first time to travel to Alex alone , and the second time ever.

But to be honest the moment I saw the sea , I forgot all about those freaking ideas .I forgot about my depression, my loneliness and every problem in my life. I don’t know how it happened but it just did.

I wandered for a while on seaside then I took a seat on piece of land the goes into the sea near san Stefano.

I just sat there all alone talking to the sea, and I wanna tell u, he is a heel of a listener.

He listened to all my complaint, all my problems and in such magical way; he washed every and each one of them far far away.

After only 20 minutes there I felt like I had no problems what soever. The fresh air washed my soul and the sound of waves suddenly arranged everything in my head. May be I got no absolute solution for my problems. But anyhow I felt better. So much better actually.

Really I discovered that sea has a magical ability to give u all the relief u r seeking.


  1. it's not the see my friend, rather what we think the sea is or has

  2. first of all thanks for tracking me as i told u my friend
    explain please

  3. I meant the sea is just like any damn thing on the surface of earth , our feelings towards it is what determines how we perceive it ..


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