Say Whatttttttt

U gotta be kidding me really ... whats all that non sense people case my dear reader doesnt know i made some changes to my life lately 
Changes like keeping the social part of it at the zero level and in order to do so i managed some procedures among the last 3 weeks like changing my mobile number 5 times ,travelling all alone to cairo and alex and some other staff no need to mention them.

The helarious thing i ve just heared couple hours ago, and to be honest its one of the funniest things i ve ever heard in my life. I heard that some people pity on poor poor me -thats a good part-they pity on the all poor misersable kind of life i ve been living for the last 3 weeks.
actually i say ... whatttttt???
r u @#$% kidding me???
Oh ...i m so glad that i passed their mind anyhow!
but the thing is there s no such thing as i do this to run shiveringly frightened from any one 
I just found that my life was in a kind of mess and i decided to get some staff in my life in the right track thats all.

i decided there are a many reltionships i have in my life need to be re-evaluated .and believe me my dear reader if u wanna reconsider any relationship in ur life u gotta get out of that life first somehow in order to be able to see thing from outside point of vie...I gotta say thats kinda impossible , but u have to get this relation out of ur life at least to evaluate them.

thats all i did the last 3 weeks i got every relationship in my life out of my life , and i enjoyed the blessing of having serious discussions with my dearest closest friend, hosam elseidy.

And after these reconsideration , now im ready to continue my life in the way i want it to be with the people i want to be one will ever have the chance to ruin my life or push me crazy for his body and nothing will ever have the opportunity again to control my future again.
and as Casieus said:
" for my single self,
I had as lief not be as live to be
In awe of such a thing as I myself"
"أما أنا فأنا أفضل ألا أكون على أن أحيا في خوف من شئ هو مثلي"

I think thats about it.


  1. Crazy as it may seem , I still find this an interesting self re-discovery ..

    I love the state of in-dependency you're having , though I think you're being pushed by yourself to the extremities , an over exaggerated state of in-dependency..

    Anyway , I don't want to evaluate it , or judge it , the most important thing is : that you feel better .

    and that's what matters most now

    PS. There's English club tomorrow in-case you are interested 1.30 PM .

  2. حتى لو انت شايف انه شكل متطرف من الاستقلالية الا انه كما قلت مريح جدا جدا جدا

    هو بكره ده يطلع امتى بالظبط؟؟
    كلمني عشان نتفق على مشوار مصر


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